650w psu for 460s sli WTF???

im reading about ppl running i7s 3.8ghz+ with 2 fully overclocked 460s on a 650w power supply.

wtf are these things like the least drawing cards in the world or something??

now is that 650 psu like topped out ready to blow and you should actually get a 850 to keep it at that magical 50% load percentage or what.
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  1. and your pc wont run at 100% load 24/7 now will it ?
  2. Good 650 w power supplies are 650w of CONTINUOUS power, which means they can handle load spikes up to 900w's without any issues. Also, most of these power supplies are 80% certified, which means that EVEN at a full 650w, they run at full efficiency.

    If you don't use terrible quality psu's, you too can run oc'ed sli 460's on 650w.
  3. Good 650W shave a continuous 600W on the 12V rail.

    The SLI 460s only use 300W on full load, 650Ws PSUs should even have at least 100W of head room leftover factoring a OCed i7 which uses 200W max.

    You can run dual HD5850s and even HD5870s on a quality 650W.
  4. Can, however I would want more to avoid stressing my PSU by running it max/peak.
  5. http://www.techspot.com/review/309-geforce-gtx-460-sli-performance/page9.html

    None of those show total system power out put being above 500 watts. You would only want a more powerful PSU (more than 650W) if you were planning on stressing/torturing your CPU AND GPU together quite often.
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