Installing new DVD drive

I am putting together a computer from spare parts, and have a system that basically "works" but won't boot from CD. I put in a windows XP install CD, but it loads right to windows normally.

If I go to system setup and look at "Boot Sequence", it says:

1) CD-ROM device (not installed)
2) Diskette drive
3) Hard-Disk Drive C:

So, it looks like the DVD drive is not being recognized. However, if I let windows load up, I can see drive D and can explore the CD I have loaded in the drive.

Does anyone know what's going on, or how I can get my computer to recognize the DVD drive? I want to boot from CD so I can reinstall windows XP.

Any help would be much appreciated
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  3. rolli59 said:

    thx- answer was in 2nd paragraph of the article. Worked perfectly
  4. You are welcome, configuring masters and jumper setting is getting to be a lost trade.
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