My computer makes a loud buzzing noise, could it be the Hard Drive?

About one every few hours, my computer will make 2 loud buzzing noises. My computer had a few problems starting up recently as well, and I'm wondering if it could be the Hard Drive failing. What do you guys think?
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  1. main suspects are the hard drive or the PSU (specifically the PSU fan).

    Test the hard drive with drive maker's diagnostic software which loads from a bootable CD (you cannot test the Windows system drive with Windows-based software). The links are here:

    The download is usually an 'ISO' file from which you can create a CD using IMGBurn from here:

    Boot your PC from that CD to test the drive.

    In the case of the PSU, it can't be tested. Just replace it if it's suspect. Take the opportunity to fit one with a higher wattage rating (output), especially if the existing one is the original factory-fitted unit.
  2. It could be a number of things e.g. psu failing, fans catching, or as you said HDD related. You need to open up the case and try to locate (carefully!) where the noise is coming from.
  3. Usually its one of the fans. Crack it open and see. HDs make a clicking or grinding sound most of the time when they fail.
  4. Thanks for the help! I think it was caused by a wire brushing up against the fan.
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