Samsung 840-250 GB or Intel 330-240 GB

The Samsung is currently $150 at Newegg with promo while the Intel is $155+free Civ 5 at NCIX. Both seem like decent deals.
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  1. do you do a lot of work with encryption, compression or image/video files? if you do the intel wouldn't be the best option because it uses a sandforce controller that relies on compression to hit max speeds. the 840 uses TLC nand which is slower then the MLC nand in the intel but it doesn't treat incompressible data any differently. you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the 2.
  2. I've had excellent results with my samsung 830. I have 3 now and wouldnt hesistate on an 840.
  3. The 840 should actually be fine for most people. It uses TLC nand which is a lot cheaper and is why the 840 is a lot cheaper to begin with (as opposed to the 830 when it first came out, which uses MLC). TLC does not last as long as MLC or single layer, but should still last more than long enough (like 7 years?) before you upgrade. As for the Intel one, it shouldn't have any driver issues either, and is always a reliable brand as well as Samsung (I have the 830, not one issue).
  4. I would go with the Samsung, it is fast and stays cool in my notebook, I really like the drive.
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