My PSU screwed up my PC need HELP and advice.

This morning the frsh new parts for my glorious gaming PC arrived from Scan UK. After hours of frustratingly fitting the parts together and so called "neatening up the cables", I finally achieved something one may call a gaming PC of some kind. I booted up the PC with a slight fear that I may have broken my Mobo but all was fine. Everything went smooth from there, set up the bios, installed windows 7. Hell I was even part way through installing the first game but after an hour of running

I started to smell this funny burning smell followed by a "crackling" noise. As any person with comon sense would know, something wasn't right and so I immediately flicked the power switch at the back of the PSU.

Opening up my PC, I thought at first that it may have been my CPU due to the fact that I might have not secured the heat sink properly. But I found out that the smell came from the unused bunched up cables I out next to the fan at the bottom far end of the case. They were all unussually warm. When I unwrapped them one of the cables was melted right through to the wire and one of the connector was black and melted. At first my PSU did turn on again by my monitor would not detect any connect hardware. After that my PSU started to randomely turn on and off. After attempting to turn on my PC for a second time the nothing happened, however the light on my Motherboard was still on indicating that some sort of power was still being supplied.

Now these cables were not connected to anything, just put to one side so that they're out of the way to improve airflow. My case is a SilverStone Rv02. My mother board is a Asus P6X58d-e and my graphics card is a HD 5870. Is it possible that my hardware may have been damage either by the Buring cables and PSU power problems or by me suddenly turn off the PC.

Any advice on how to deal with this situation will be very much appreciated. I am aware that my PSU may have to be replaced but since the only damaged cables were the ones not in use I am more than happy to accept an alternative.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. First of wall, what PSU is it? does it have enough power to power this system?is it a quality psu?
  2. I yeah I'm sorry. I was getting ahead of myself. It's a corsair TX 650w.
  3. That is actually a good PSU. However, you may have just been one of the unlucky ones to get a quickly dead PSU. I suggest you RMA it stating that there might be other hardware problems steming from this PSU. Once you get a replacement, test all of your other hardware and be sure they work good. If not, and your replacement warrenty is up, contact Newegg and continue to explain the situation.
  4. +1 on RMA, it seems like you got a dud PSU. "DAFU"
  5. yeap, just RMA it and than test everything to make sure everything is working
  6. If you have a spare PSU that will handle the components in your computer, you should plug it in and make sure everything works before just RMAing the PSU. But if you're patient and want to wait, don't worry about it.
  7. The power supply worked fine for about an hour, it's just when I suddenly turned of the PC because of the burning smell that it stopped functioning correctly. Now I don't if the melted cables my have triggered a fuse within the PSU, but it sure isn't normal. Maybe all the bunched up unused cables made an accidental connection causing it to heat up, I really just don;t know. If I can;t get a replacement then I'd be happy to buy a new one aslong as my other hardware isn;t damaged.
  8. Just RMA it. It's the best bet.
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