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Ok, so i set up my virtual drive using the LSI web bios, running raid5. so how to i access the raid array now? Im running windows 8. Do i still have to set it up in storage spaces? thre has to be something small i am missing. any help or direction would be apreciated
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  1. go into computer management and in the storage section you should be able to format/initialize the array.
  2. Ya that's what I thought, but it's not there. I initialized it in the web bios...or so I thought the lsi MRM it shows up but that's it
  3. ok i went back and deleted the virtual drive in the LSI bios, then recreated it in Megaraid manager, then went to device manager > storage and my raid was there as one large disk, right click and the only option was to create simple drive, so did. so clear something up for me, is it just one large drive to windows, but the controller does all the heavy lifting of the raid? i hope so lol
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