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I know this might now be the right place to ask but the electronics forum seemed a lil slow. I am looking for three monitors to run on my HD 5850, for under $600. Of course the higher the resolution the better, and smaller bezels. any suggestions????
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  1. under $600 each or together? XD
  2. together
  3. I want to spend $200 or less on each monitor and smaller bezels would be nice
  4. Shouldn't be to hard. You can even go 1080.


    These are 23" screens for $179 shipped. Two should run $358 leaving you with $242 for a DP screen. Not sure how to find those on newegg.

    If thats not enough for a DP monitor, then 1050 might be the way to go.


    22" 1680x1050 screen for $160 shipped, but not the $15 rebate. Should be able to get two of them for $305, leaving you with $295 for the DP monitor.

    If your system is beefy enough the first option is the way to go. Even if you had to buy the active DP to DVI converter you should be able to get those screens x3, and the converter for just over $600. Well worth it.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824254050

    I got the same idea, and I just bought this monitor last week, so far its awesome, its 23", good resolution, and the Benzels are skinny, I will be getting 2 more hopefully in August.
  6. I like the Hanns-G you first posted, but would you go with that or with this ASUS
  7. I would probably stick with the Hanns G. To me, the bezels look every so slightly thinner. The Asus has better/more inputs so if thats an issue get it. But with the thinner bezels and the slightly better dot pitch I'd stick with the first one.
  8. If you live in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area (Florida) I'm selling 3x Dell p2310h (23" 1920x1080) monitors (they rotate into portrait mode and have DP connection) I'm also throwing in a displayport cable. All for $600. Local pick up only because shipping would be costly.
  9. I live in west palm beach actually, im not ready to buy the monitors now but if the offer still stands in about 1-2 months i will hit you up
  10. Nice! The reason I bought into eyefinity was Flight Simulator X. It was awesome for that game but I stopped playing it a while ago. Having gone back to college coupled with a full time job leaves me with little time to play. By the way the monitors are 6 month old, still covered by Dell 3 year warranty, barely used and they are in mint cosmetic condition.
    Take a look at them on my youtube video
    Here's a pic in portrait mode:
  11. Wow, lucky. Way to help out Rguilarte. Is there a reason why you like portrait mode?
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