Case window

i would like to make custom side window to my case
what do i need to make it from plastic window?
anything spesial i need to pay attencion?
thanks in advance
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  1. You'll need something like a Dremmel or fine cut jigsaw to cut the hole.

    Masking tape over the case where you are going to cut, then mark the cutting line on the tape.

    Fine sandpaper to smooth the edges.

    Some clear perspex like this, thicker, thinner or larger, whatever you need

    Then you can either stick it from the inside with tape or glue it or drill and fix it with small screws or bolts

    Hope it goes ok for you. :D
  2. Hi, vault dveller.

    If you do not have access to a dremel tool or do not want to buy one you can use one of these:, but I have heard you have to take your time or the cutting blade can wear out quickly.

    Or here is a cheap dremel that is also quality made, but you will need to buy a cutting wheel for it also:

    Here are some Acrylic sheets:

    Mask off every line you cut in your case and in the Acrylic if you use a dremel tool. With the metal nibbler there is no need to mask when cutting the window out. And to cut the Arcylic always leave the proective paper on until your ready to install it, here are some good directions:

    And use this for covering the edges:

    Sorry, I don't know what country your in so these are all US. :??:
  3. ^True enough but if you have the tools and the time it costs you a few pounds, or dollars.

    And you can make your own pretty shapes. :whistle:
  4. Is that how you roll.. :D
  5. It don't matter how handy you are the prefab ones always look neater.

    Yes there are some crazy mods out there that look great but its the same with cars. you spend all that time making it into something it aint when you could have saved up and brought the one you want it to look like in the 1st place.

    I think I know what I'm saying anyway. :pt1cable:
  6. I know that there are some pre-made side panels out there, but I always thought they were made to fit just one certain case. Is there a company that makes them in all shapes and sizes?
  7. thanks for help and intresting conversation
    i also going to ad leds to it and scratch nice pic to it so it will glow XD
    i met one person who has made same thing
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