PSU Exhaust from below?

I have a Cooler Master eXtreme 750W PSU in a Gigabyte GZ-X2 Chassis. The PSU is mounted above and there are two fans on the PSU, one facing outside the case and one right below the PSU. At first i thought the fan below was intake fan. But i kept my hand and felt hot air coming out! my CPU's heatsink is directly beneath the PSU. Is this typical, or is there i can do to make the fan an exhaust fan?
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  1. first problem, you bought a coolermaster. Friends dont let friends buy coolermaster's.

    Second, is there air coming out the back of the power supply? I've never seen any power supply that sucked air into the case... ever.

    it could just be some kind of fan turbulence combined with the fact that its hard to tell sometimes.
  2. oops sorry my bad! i thought i might check if the rear fan is exhaust or intake by keeping a card close to the grill and the card didnt stick. i tried it on the inside fan and it sticked. so its just intake. but hting is i can feel hot air even 3-4 cm away from the psu inside the case
  3. The one below in the chassis will be sucking warm air in and the one on the rear will be blowing it out, thats the only way it can be.

    As above check the air from the back, if you put your hand very close to any fan if its sucking or blowing you always feel air pressure due to the circulation of the fan, I'm sure its how it should be.
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