People tell me how 4870 is not a good buy?

so people are saying 4870 is old. but just cuz its old and obsolete doesnt make it bad... i mean look at the price/performance value its $130 Bucks on Newegg... and the 5770 is $165. now there is a 35 dollar difference i can do alot with that and get better mobo/CPU.

Here is the great combo

SO people is 4870 bad for gaming and worse then 5770? cuz its a great deal and i am beating myself over it. Should i get it with my budget build?i dont need dx11 much since i will upgrade my card in 2 years anyways
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  1. Anyone wants to help?
  2. If your OS is Vista or W7, the HD4870 cannot run DX11. It can run DX9 (XP), DX10, and maybe 10.1. So if you get it, you may lose some the DX11 features. I have 2 HD4870s in crossfire running on W7x64 - games look fine to me (Borderlands, H.A.W.K., Fallout3).
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