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Hi everyone! May i put two different processors (same family) on a dual socket motherboard? My mainboard is D5400XS and my single CPU is Intel Xeon E5420. I want to do some work with dual processor development by adding another CPU. But i could not find to another E5420 to buy. So can i buy different CPU (same family, ie: E5430, E5440 or E5450) to make them work together?


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  1. Malmental thanks for the briefs... I think 5430, 5440 or 5450 works well together...
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    no problem bro
    have at it..

    That's some good info. If you don't mind me asking, where do you work?
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    I'm a network technician for a stocks and trading company in FL..

    That's cool. Sorry to draw you off topic.
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    it's all good.
    where you enzo.?

    Temp work for an electronics production company in Ontario. They mostly make test systems.
    Also taking Network Engineering at a college.
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