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I have a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. Service Tag # 9KJ6Z61...

It appears the laptop has an Administrator password that is required to get into the cmos or the desktop. I want to reset the password so i can use this computer. If i could get into the bios to make the dvd rom boot first, then i could use winnternals to remove the password to get into windows. I've removed the keyboard to access the motherboard. The cmos battery is soldered to the motherboard and there are no jumpers to clear the pw or bios?

I have research this to the hill and still haven’t found a cure for this admin password removal.
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  1. Are you sure the battery is actually soldered?

    You may be able to use a generic bios password.
  2. When I lost my windows password, I like to reset Windows Password with Windows Password Seeker and I think it is excellent and professional!
    Once the password is removed, there is no need to type any passwords but to leave it blank, and click the user name to instantly log on Windows.
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