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Hey all,

I am looking into getting a test/torture bench to use instead of the usual case. I run a full watercooled SLI system, so I need something pretty big with lots of features, etc. I'm trying to determine what some good ones are, but it's hard to tell from retail sites on how big and accommodating they would be for a setup like mine.

Thanks for's a little easier to determine from people who actually use them. Googling as well...
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    If I were looking to buy one, this would be it
    I'm sure I could find a way to mount a second 360.
  2. delluser, I hadn't seen that one. Not a bad value for the money if you want to use more than an old cutting board:
  3. Hey rubix, I just thought I would throw this out there:

    I know this isn't really what your looking for but it could serve the same purpose and keep everything clean and organized, but just don't put it up on the wall(I think its pretty cool though :) ) But, it will take up a lot of space to layout a complex water system.

    When JSC said "Old cutting board" somehow this came to mind instantly, Tom's did a little article on this a few weeks ago. I thought it was pretty darn neat thing to do when I first saw it, I hope someday I could try a similar project out.
  4. I saw some of those as I looked; I kind of like the HardwareDock one...I also liked this one:

    Thanks for the help guys...just trying to figure something out that I can show off my big watercooling loop, but not have a case to hide it in. :)
  5. [EDIT] Sorry, I just realized Delluser1 posted the same thing already. :(
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