Can i run these games with this CPU !?

Has Anyone Tried ! ARMA 2 , GTA IV or LibertyCity , Crysis 1 & Warhead , COD 7 &... Such heavy games on Phenom 965 BE with ATI 6870 ? Will Phenom 965 Be , with ATI 6870 HD & 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz ram Run these games SO SMOTHLY MAXED OUT on 1440 Rez with no Problem , or i5 760 will be Better Choose for these games !
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  1. I've played all of them with an E6750 and a HD 4870 combination.. Crysis was at 1366 x 768 resolution (gamer settings) whereas GTA IV was played at 1680 x 1050 with most of the settings at high.. Needless to say that you have a better configuration and thus will obviously experience better gameplay.. Happy gaming.. Enjoy..
  2. Ok i wanted to MAXOUT ! fully maxout , CAN PHENOM 965 Handle them /
    Dipankar2007 , i got your answer , please let others give theire Opinions !
    I may have Budget limitaions , so i better research if phenom 965 BE can handle my Needs , but if it wont then i will hardly Collect more Money to get i5 !
  3. To max out recent games you need at least 2 video cards...
    Processor would probably be fine.

    With some of those games.. you get lag/frame rate drops from bad coding not from your hardware.. not much helps this.
  4. I am not agree about 2 Video cards for higher FPS . sorry but , i saw that my Friend Could run Crysis warhead on 4850 ( maxed out = highest setings + 1440Rez ) , so why i should go for Higher than 6870 Options , when i am only using 1440Rez , & because my Rez is Low , 6870 will be 100% fine , & if my Rez is low then Cpu should do better ,I only dont know which will be better for Heavy Games ! there will be Huge FPS difference !
  5. Hi snip55, Either of those CPU's and that GPU will be able to run those games for you just fine. Just dont expect to turn the AA all the way up or all the extreme detailed settings.

    I play Crysis/Warhead on a P4 650 and 4000 series GPU @ 1080p with medium to high settings and the game looks and plays beautifully.
    here you can see very little difference between crysis on a pII965 and an I7 920.
    Here you can see a better video card is a much better option for extracting FPS from crysis. Crysis is a VERY graphically demanding game and if you want performance you need a kik ass video card. CPU comes secondary, and a phenom 965 is plenty. 4GB ram should be enough. but 1440 resolution, yes the 6870 will max it out with the phenom cpu, as per the techspot review it can max it out at 1680x1050 with 40+ fps.
  7. You can play games maxed out with that - Crysis will run around 35-40fps stable, sometimes slightly more due to the low resolution.
    GTA4 will probably be OK cause you got 1Gb of VRAM. But if you truly maxed out the PC version of GTA4 it would tell you that you dont have enough VRAM to set the draw-distance to 100%.

    But herein lies the point, people:

    You can't really tell the difference between GTA4 with the draw-distance at say 40% and 100%. It's so damn far anyway, you're only gonna be able to see a bit of a difference right on the far horizon. And yes, with a modern quad core CPU you will be able to run it maxed out completely (with the exception of the draw-distance which you probably wont get past 50%), at your low resolution, probably even up to about 1080p. GTA4 only has software Anti-Aliasing, and you will probably choose to turn that off! (They changed the name of it to "definition", and setting it "on" turns AA off!). At these described settings you will be playing at a higher fidelity than console-gamers did. The textures are a higher resolution than on the console, and I think the draw distance can be a lot further (!)
  8. Thanks ,, are you sure that this benchmarks showing the Right Thing ? because it seem that Phenom 965 isnt that bad CPU !
  9. I think his intention was to show how well it does perform and then how much difference having a nice GPU can make. :)
  10. Dpankar2007 , i cheaked ANAD tech but , any benhcmarks show differente things , which one is trustable ?
  11. Asyou can see phenom higher than i5 760 . let me clear something , i gonna stick with Stock speeds , no OC plan ! & i saw that Phenom 965BE Consumes more power than i5 , but CPUS usually consume very little ! will Cooler Master Silent Pro 600W be enough for Single ATI 68760 & phenom 965 !?

    Please answer whole Questions !
  12. OH please help me with this : i realy like i5 760 & i can go for it since its Great in heavy games ! But there is something ! ati cards Matches better with AMD CPUS & AM3 Mobos which has 890FXChip ! i realy dont know if i5 760 & P55 Mobo will Match with ATI card !
    Maybe Matching is More Important !

    AMD rig : ( its the best match for ATI card )

    CPU: Phenom 965BE
    MOBO: amd 890 fx
    VGA: ATI 6870

    Intel Rig : ( better performance with Stronger CPU )

    CPU: i5 760
    Mobo: GA P55A UD3
    VGA: ATI 6870

    Which rig will do better , is GPU matching that imporTANT ! because AMD & ati make matchable GPUS which Work much better with togother ! but i5 760 is stronger , but i dont know if i5 760 will be Stronger with 6870 too!

    Which RIG will finaly do better !?
  13. But there is a Fixed thing that says CPU & VGA & Mobo Matching , ATI matches with AMD & intel Matches with Nvidia

    OK till now one vote for Intel rig , any other opinion !?
  14. If you are worrying about performance dips on an Ati-Intel combination them stay relaxed.. No such thing is gonna happen.. If you can go for the i5 while keeping the same GPU then by all means go for it.. Its a faster CPU compared to the Phenom II.. Intel is recommended for Nvidia cards as SLI support on AMD boards is very much limited (you don't have many options to choose from).. On the other hand, most of the Intel based boards support both SLI and Crossfire..
  15. I didnt understand some part sorry , i understand that you Recommended me i5 760 , i gonna buy ATI 6870 for sure !

    Finaly which rig your suggesting me ? intel which is faster or ATI which matches better ?
    you said that : Intel is recommended for Nvidia cards( where as i gonna get ATI card )

    i am not gonna SLI or Crossfire , i just need to Know which one : intel rig or AMD rig will do better

    So what ABout Matching ? isnt it Important , wont Same Or Similar Products work better ?
    you recommend me i5 760 with 6870 ? or i5 760 with Nvidia card ( i wont get Nvidia card )
    or you just saying that AMD boards are More Limited than Intel Boards ?
  16. Oh sorry ! i just wanted to say that Please dont forget to Give me Clear answer like : Matching is not that important & what ever you do you gonna see that i5 760 With 6870 will do better than phenom 965BE & ATI 6870 !

    I know that Intel support Boards are better for SI & CF works !

    i was thinking that i5 is great but because ATI 6870 GPU is more familary to AMD Products , so i start thinking that Matching of Hardwares is more important than Installing high-end Hardwares that realy dont match ( hardly get matched ) ! Please correct this kind of thinking , if its already a Wrong THING !

    Just that , thanks a lot !
  17. You do NOT need to put AMD with AMD or Nvidia with Intel, or what ever combination of the two. The differences are only in the parts you use, not what you use them with.

    And the i5 is Intel and ATI 6870 is AMD, they couldn't be further from each other.
  18. I think it depends more on the software really. Some games like AMD better than Intel, and some games like AMD/ATI better than NVidia, and vice-versa.

    Neither of the CPU's you have mentioned would bottleneck any of the GPU's you have mentioned.

    Personally I would get the i5 760 and the 6870, I think the i5 would overclock better, and probably be faster overall.

    But I think that and AMD CPU will run an NVidia card just fine. If you take a choice of two fast CPU's and combine with a choice of fast GPU's then what you get is a nice gaming rig!!!

    Be less anal
  19. Let me make myself a bit more clearer.. The i5 is an overall faster processor but as far as 'ONLY' gaming is concerned, either will do just as well.. Now since you are sure on staying with a single card setup and possibly no overclocking, I'll straightly recommend you to opt for the Phenom II 965.. While you are at it, you can opt for a lesser priced motherboard such as the Asrock 870A Extreme3.. Use the saved cash on getting a good PSU..
  20. ^i see only one conclusive result (dawn of war).. In the rest, both the cpu's manage a 60+ fps consistently..
  21. Dipankar , i think that One site cant prove every thing , We should compare them with more sites then see if Benchmarks are saying the Truth !

    I will do this leasen carefully :
    i will stick with Stock Speed
    No CF or OC plan
    i will use 1440 rez ( low rez = cpu , High rez = Gpu )
    Oh i realy cant be sure about my Choice when you guys say differente things

    Ok here is the Thing , we know that Strongest CPU is much higher than i5 760 & brings lot more FPS , but i realy dont need something more than i5 760 , maybe i5 is higher than Phenom but i may Only need Phenom's speed , i may waste money by geting i5 ! thats why i am afriad of geting it !

    forexample if i get 6870 or get 5970 , both will be same for me IN Call of Duty 4 ( for example ) so in this Case ! 5970 is huge waste of money , & at my rez higher than 6870 wont bring even 1% difference . in my Conidtion 6870 , 6850 & 5970 or 6990 !!!! will work same because i am using Low REZ !!!

    so i wanna know if in my Condition i5 760 wont bring Huge Differnece . games that i play is ARAM2 ( cpu hungry game ) , gta Liberty city , COD 7 & ...! no see if Phenom 965 will fully provide me just like 6870 does !
  22. Dipankar2007 , why do you always say the Same thing about me ? ok i am crazy , its my Personality ! if i should ask something to recieve different opinions then i will , no matter what other will SAY ! oh but away , do u have any IDEA why they havnt banned me this time ? maybe Manager has talked to them because i sent him a PP ! i asked him to make every thing normal that i can come back & resurrect my Lost points & ask & answer AGAIN! with no ban , no limitaion, no insult & no war ....
  23. For Arma II the AMD x4 is fine... until a few months ago I used to play Arma II on very high settings on a 2.4ghz core 2 duo with a 9800gtx+ and it worked pretty well (somehow).
    Now I have a new rig (cpu is AMD X6 1090t) and Operation Arrowhead is smooth on max settings, so I think an AMD x4 will be the same.
  24. Hey snip55,

    You need to relax a bit and stop using so many !!!!!!, when you type. Most people come on here trying to honestly help people answer their questions, as we are for you, nobody is forcing or paying us, were are all just trying to help you. And demanding for the answers you want is no way to ask for help either.

    Now as for your questions:

    If your trying to save money just go for the AMD 965 BE and a nice mobo, if your want the best performing chip its the Intel i5-760, PERIOD. You must also consider games you will wan to play in the future when making a choice.

    AND, I'll say it one more time, just to be positively clear. There is no such gains/advantages by using CPU-A/B with GPU-A/B, or any combination there of. I don't know where you picked up this "matching" term but it is 100% pure donkey baloney.

    We cannot decide if the value of the i5-760 is a waste or too much $ for you, ONLY you can. It all depends on how much you want/can to spend and the performance your looking for. Its a decision, one or the other: lower performance and save or better performance for a little bit more, its not that difficult . Since you are playing "CPU hungry games" then the best choice is the i5-760.
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