Installed new mobo and cpu, 1 beep, fails to boot

I just had to replace my motherboard, cpu, and ram because they don't make my old mobo anymore and my old cpu and ram wouldn't work work with a new mobo. Needless to say very annoying. I installed everything correctly. Everything is plugged in where it needs to be (except for the system fan because the power cable is too short working on finding a extension for it). I turn on the power CPU fan spins up, i hear the hdds spinning up, optical drives open and close. I hit the power button, it beeps once, it flashes the MSi screen switches to "windows starting" get halfway through the win 7 logo animation and reboots.

my parts are
Phenom II X4 Quad-Core Processor 955 Black Edition Boxed
MSI 880GM-E43 Socket AM3 880G+SB710 mATX AMD Motherboard
4GB DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600) Desktop Memory Module
ATI Raideon HD 4350
300W PSU

I've tried ferreting around various forums but i can't seem to get a straight answer. Either the 1 beep means no problem or it means DRAM problems. I reseated my Ram but got the same result. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. My Rig is my livelihood, so everyday without i'm one day closer to the poor house. Thanks again.
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  1. 1 beep means you have successfully passed POST. You cannot just plug a windows installation on a hard drive into a new computer. If the hardware is all pretty similar to what you had before, Windows may boot and "fix" itself. Remember, you have an OS installed that has drivers and everything loaded or installed to run your old hardware, now you have just plugged this drive into a completely different set of hardware. By your comments about them not making anything for your old system anymore and you had to go with all new stuff, this could be a problem! It may take some work to get it all going again. I would try doing a repair install of OS first. I hope you backed up all your important data before you started. Also, what was your old system, and is your version of Windows retail (good) or an OEM version (ooops, not so good)
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