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hi, I have a hp dc 7100 sff that i really like and I am upgrading it slowly. I need to know what cards I can support on a 240 watt power supply. Here is the link to my specs

and here is a card I was thinking about

eventually i will retire this from a pc to a htpc. I been searching and searching but many graphics cards don't list power supply, or list maximum like if i were gonna use crossfire. I read somewhere that the gpu of this card is like 50 watts, and other than computer specs there is nothing installed on this computer, it is hob-nobbed together

monitor is: samsung 570ts
Processor is: Intel Pentium 4 531 Processor (3.0-GHz, HT, 1 MB L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB)(will be upgraded)
3.5 gigs dual channel memory
ATI hd2400 xt Graphics card (looking to update)
Motherboard is a 097Ch
Operating System is Ubuntu Lucid Linx(Linux, Ubuntu 10.04)
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    The HD 5570 would be a good card with better performance than the HD 4650, and should work on a 240 W PSU.
  2. Lmeow: Wow you responded as I was posting it, Thank you for your quick response. I looked those up and I will give it alot of thought
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