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Hi, I've just been delivered a new pc. It has one video card with 2 outputs, one VGA and one DVI. My 2 lcd monitors have both VGA and DVI connectors. I hooked one up to DVI and one up to the VGA connector. The monitor connected to VGA looks really blurry, the DVI one looks great. I'm using an extended desktop. Do I need an adaptor, or another video card with 2x DVI outputs? I'm not a gamer, just like lots of windows open at the office. Sorry, I'm confused. The office guys are no help!
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    How blurry are we talking here? It could look a little less crisp than the DVI monitor, but blurry? It shouldn't be.

    Do both monitors have a DVI and VGA slot on them? If so great...

    Can you use the monitor that is blurry in the DVI slot? If so is it fine, or still blurry?
    If its blurry its a problem with the monitor.
    Does the monitor that doesn't look blurry, look blurry if you plug it into the VGA slot?
    If it does look blurry then its a problem with the VGA cable, or the VGA slot.
  2. Thanks heaps. It was definitely the cable. I can hardly tell the difference now that I've replaced the cable.
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