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Which nvidia graphics card should i buy?

I have AMD ATHLON II X2 240 @ 3.1 GHz
I am using only 15-inch display (1024 X 768)
RAM 1GB AND 256MB @333 MHz

I want to use it for gaming.BUDGET is under 120$(RS 5500).I am living in india,kerala.
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  1. Those low power 9600 GTs should be a good choice for your budget.Another option will be a GT240 1GB.
  2. Tamz_msc said:
    Those low power 9600 GTs should be a good choice for your budget.Another option will be a GT240 1GB.

    which is better 9600gt 1gb or gt240 1gb
  3. The DDR5 GT 240 will be slightly faster than the 9600GT while the DDR3 version is slightly slower. 512mb vs 1gb on these cards is irrelevant as they cannot effectively use more than 512mb
  4. What's the problem with buying ati card it's best for performance with cost .
    Here is a good deal for ati hd 5670 within your budget buy it bro will get dx 11 support too.
  5. can i get nvidia gtx 460 under 120$.any 768mb or 1gb
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    In the US, a 460 costs around 180-240$
    So in India...I would have to say no.
  7. 1 more thing, most of the VGA that come in India have lower configuration than the actual reference card you will find on the net, make sure the clocks and the memory type is the same as on Ati or Nvidia's website, I know because i have suffered by buying 5570 the bandwidth was cut by 1/3.
    Please check the Specs before buying.
    And a 5670 would be ideal for your price range.
  8. GTX 460 --> gr8 but 4 d display :( :( not good,you'll miss features.
  9. Quote:
    what are you saying..?
    anyways the gtx460 kicks ass.

    his dispaly is the concern
    I am using only 15-inch display (1024 X 768)

    now his PSU and processor is okay
    but oh oh yeah he's got too less of ram he should keep 4gb and i did'nt think abt d price srry
  10. Quote:
    I doubt it.

    Man the prices of computer components in india is high, I got a HD 5570 for $114 and a 5670 costs $135, a GTX 460 costs $290.
  11. lol. guess what? a 5970 costs $830, GTX 480 $665, and an Intel Core i7 950 Processor costs $340 and 4GB DDR2 Kingston costs $104.
  12. i think i will buy next year only.And some times this year prices will go down.
    so i will think then ok thank u every body.
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