Need Advice about eVGA 680 MotherBoard

This is definitely sign of my getting old… I use to be on top of these stuff, but now I’m just lost…

I have eVGA nForce 680I SLI Socket 775 M.B with PCX 512MB eVGA GeForce 7950GT PCI-E G. Card and Intel 2 Duo E6600 Dual 2.4 GHz overclocked to 3.0GHz

I was thinking about upgrading the CPU and Graphic Card…I’ve been told by some that Intel Core 2 Qaud Q9550 (YorkField ) can work on the motherboard but others including Nvidia people say no…not supported in nForce 6 Series…so I’m confused…. And won’t consider them….

But my other options are

A Q6600, Q6700 or QX6850 or maybe E8400 or E8500

Then the question is why kind of graphic card… Should I add another GeForce 7950GT and go SLI or get one of these…

Evga GTX295, evga gtx260 65nm sc, GPU- EVGA GTX 280, EVGA 8800GTS 320mb SLI or ATI 5850 any other suggestion?

I do know getting a new CPU won't increase my overall system speed by much...Graphic Card is the important component but hey if I can get few more years of out of the system, that would be nice.

I appreciate your input and advice.

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  1. Your board should have a "cpu support" section on evga's website. If the quad isn't listed, it won't run. A new video card would help; just get one good one and sell the 7950gt. Be sure your power supply will support the new card. The video card and ps can be used with your next upgrade. I wouldn't upgrade anything until you have the funds for a new board/cpu/ram. I actually found an i7 920 recently for $100; bought from a guy who needed rent money. They run great; skip any more 775 upgrades and do a proper upgrade when you have the funds.
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