Pc reboots while gaming as well as browsing

i purchased this budget gaming pc a month ago.Specs . . .
Amd phenom II X4 965 3.4 ghz cpu
Asus m4a88t-m mobo
2 gb ddr3 kingston ram
1 tb wd hdd
1 gb ati radeon hd 5670 gpu
i-ball case with 400 watt smps
no case fans
i hav not OCd anything.
Have stock cooler for my cpu.
Everything seemed to be fine for a week until i installed gta4. The pc restarts within 30 minutes of gameplay (without any blue screen).
The same happens for prototype,while games like far cry works fine.At first i thought it to be a temperature problem(idle:-43oC;gaming:-55-60oC) But then the pc started rebooting even while browsing.
Also after the pc reboots i see a black screen (before the os loads) which says "A power surge was detected during previous power on.Asus anti surge protection was triggered to protect the cpu from unstable psu"
the problem persists even if i disable the surge protection.
I am really confused. . . what is wrong with my pc??
I tried the prime95 test but the pc rebooted and the same surge protection message appeared(within 5 min of the test)
is something wrong with the psu or the memory??
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  1. Buy a new PSU.. cheap junky one is trying to blow up your computer.. I would suggest NOT turning your computer on until its replaced.

    Also Try to buy a brand such as.. enermax, pc power and cooling, corsair, or seasonic
  2. Quote:
    Run memtest.If it comes out Ok then change your psu ASAP.It is the main culprit.Buy a decent 500watt psu from coolermaster,corsair.

    will run the memtest.

    also, considering india to be a hot country do u think the temps are ok?
    do i need to buy an aftermarket cooler?
  3. temps are ok, but, you should have at least 1 exhaust fan at the rear of your case. I also agree with above posters that the PSU in that unit is most likely the problem. Get a new PSU and an exhaust fan to suit your case, PSU brands such as seasonic, corsair, antec, silverstone in the 400w+ range and you cant really go wrong.
  4. the power supply is complete junk. whoever chose that psu should be shot (i dont really mean that)...go for a quality psu in the 500w range from seasonic, antec, corsair, enermax, nzxt. would you like some suggestions?

    and dont bother doing any other trouble shooting until you replace that psu.
  5. ty all
    problem solved :)
    new psu:-corsair 450vx
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