Help me build something!!!!!!


Ok I want a pc for gaming, can you guys suggest me parts from

My budget is around $800-900 max. I am willing to make a pc with a slightly cheaper gpu, as long as i am able to upgrade it in the future. I also need to include windows 7 and a monitor, and case.

Will it be possible?
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  1. My opinion is that people aren't replying due to the fact that these types of posts are rampant and so varied that people, as i, are expecting you to look through them and come up with ideas of your own - with which we could do some refining to help you with your build.

    My basic suggestion is to go AMD or Core i5 for that price range, as well as a 20 inch monitor because that will be maybe ~90-110 of your budget...
  2. ok first of all will you be overclocking? and will you SLI/crossfire in the future?
  3. look at combos. Newegg has some complete system combos that are pretty decently priced, that lack a monitor and a graphics card.

    basic system I'd suggest there is an Athlon II X3 Rana 440/445, a 770/785/780L/880G mother board, 4 GB RAM, Win 7, 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive, cheap dvd burner, Rosewill Destroyer or Challenger case, and an HD5770 or ATI GTX 460 video card, and $130ish for a 1680x1050 monitor
  4. if you go amd go for the phenom II x4 955 and an hd5770, if you go intel go for an i5 760 and a gtx 460, as for the case these are good choices and prices vary between them
    antec 200

    antec 300

    antec 300 illusion

    coolermaster 690II

    coolermaster storm scout

    coolermaster haf 922

    antec 900

    i would go for the antec 300 though in your price range, it is important to look for combos come up with what you think is good and we will make changes to that, as for the hdd i would go for a samsung spinpoint f3 1tb and as for the psu i would look for combos but the antec earthwatts 650 watt is a good choice
  5. oh sorry i thought your budget was around $900 not including the monitor, oops, well for the budget systems always go amd an amd x3 rana 445 would be a good choice and a hd5770 or gtx 460 gpu, if you are not going to add a second gpu into the system get a gtx 460 as it is more powerful but it cannot SLI on an amd board, if you are going to crossfire go for the hd5770, as for the case i would stick with the antec 300 and the samsung hdd, you could get a less powerful psu like around 550 watt but make sure it is a trusted brand like antec, corsair, seasonic, xfx and so on
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