Do i need SLI Support in order to install both Graphics & Editing Card


I am a freelance web & graphic Designer. and now i'm planning to start working as a freelance Non-Linear Editor and provide my services for Post Production too. For that I am buying a new pc. I have a limited budget for now. I've searched the market in my area and found these two different specs fit into my budget. Though i have plans to upgrade the Pc within next 6months. I was wondering which is the better specification and Do i need SLI Support on motherboard to install both Graphics Card and Editing Card. I am not a hardcore gamer so my preference isn't to build a hardcore gaming pc. These are the two options that i have.


INTEL CORE i7 860 2.8Ghz (8MB CACHE - 2.5 GT/s) OR
INTEL CORE i7 930 2.8Ghz (8MB CACHE - 4.8 GT/s)

I've checked in my area. Both have a minor price difference.

Motherboard: Intel DP55WG
Ram: 4GB (KINGSTON DDR3 2GB-1333) = 2GB x 2
Optical Drive: Sony DVD RW
Casing: Cooler Master Storm Sniper
Graphic Card: (nVidia GT250 DDR3 1GB)


Processor: Core i7 870
Motherboard: Intel 55HC
Ram 6 GB DDR3-1333 (2GB x 3)
Hard Disk (3 TB)
Optical Drive: Sony DVD RW
Casing: (Cooler Master Storm Sniper)
Power Supply: (600 W)
Graphics Card: (nVidia GT250 DDR3 1GB)

I have plans to upgrade it in next months and the expected upgrade will be installing Black Magic's Decklink HD Extreme 3D. I guess this card isn't for gaming, its for editing purpose only so i might need a Graphic Card for Gaming. Incase i need both Graphic and Editing Card, i will either stick to nVidia GTS250 or i will upgrade Graphic Card to GeForce GTX 460. But that will depend on my budget at that time.

For now the only thing i'm worried about is which of the above 2 mentioned specs are better. 2nd do I need SLI for installing both Graphics & Video Editing Card.
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  1. you don't need one or the other.
    The workstation cards like the NVidia Quadro or AMD FireGL cards are usually pretty passable at gaming, and the high end gaming cards (5870/5970 or gtx 470/480) are usually pretty decent for editing as well.

    SLI/Crossfire generally must match the same mode or series of card, so you won't get SLI by having a GTX 470 and a Quadro
  2. But i was wondering if i get a GTX 470, will i be able to get Real-time render for graphics created in After Effects or 3D. plus Quadro is way too expensive. Although its something super cool but $995 vs $3000+ thats the huge difference between the prices of Decklink HD Extreme 3D and Quadro Fx 5800. Is it worth spending $2000+ on Quadro. And isn't it possible to install both Graphic Card along with Decklink HD Extreme. Because i'm not a hardcore gamer. I usually do gaming for 4-5 hours but that happens like 4-5 times a month. is it worth spending $3000? So if i can get both cards installed. I can do both professional editing on freelance bases and a little bit of gaming occasionally.
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    any of the GTX cards will work with after effects or 3d studio just fine.
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