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Hello there.I recently bought a Kingston V+200 60GB SSD.I run Crystal Disk Mark and got a slow speed of my SSD.Is it normal?

Here's the screenshot of CrystalDiskMark:
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BTW,Sorry for the English
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  1. Seeing how low your 4k speeds are, I think your ssd is running in IDE mode. Go to BIOS and change sata controller mode to AHCI.
    This may cause your Windows fail to boot. Read this article:
  2. Branson dumisani said:
    Does your motherboard support SATA III interface?

    By the way, try to disable any power saving features, this will probably help.

    you didn't list your motherboard. to add to what Branson said make sure the ssd is plugged into the sata3 port that's running off the chipset instead of some third party controller.
  3. I set to AHCI before installing windows and i checked that TRIM is working.My computer is Acer M3910 with stock motherboard.Only has 6 SATA II ports.
  4. Use ATTO:

    I find this easier to use as the values are more in line with the numbers quoted (such as max 525MB/second). AS-SSD rates the drive differently and gives lower numbers than might be expected.

    Numbers will vary, but if you have a SATA3 drive hooked up to a SATA3 connection you should get between 475 and 575 MB/second max (large file size). If so, stop right there. You're good.

    When numbers are MAXING at near 130MB/second that's usually because you've hooked up to a SATA1 connection (same for 260MB/second and SATA2).

    1. Your SSD manufacturer probably has a list of EXPECTED values and the RECOMMENDED program to compare to. I know OCZ recommends ATTO.

    2. Don't forget to update your SSD's firmware if needed, but always backup your data first.

    3. Other updates for your motherboard drivers include:
    *Make sure the driver is for your EXACT motherboard and version of Windows (i.e. Windows 7 64-bit), although sometimes exceptions can be made if newer drivers are unavailable (i.e. Windows Vista 64-bit driver for Windows 7 64-bit)

    a) the main chipset (can also be updated via Intel's site. They have an update tool if you're comfortable with that. May be NEWER than the motherboard site, plus some motherboard sites quit updating.)

    b) SATA drivers (some are only needed for installation of Windows. Ignore those.)

    c) other (if applicable. If in doubt, do NOT install. FYI, you can re-install the same exact driver without issues).
  5. those speeds might be right. since your using sata2 you wont get the max speed. also as ssd's get smaller the speed also goes down. i believe the numbers that kingston quotes are based on ATTO with an empty drive.
  6. Even with sata2 those speeds should still be higher. They are as low as I would expect from sata1.
    If controller is set to AHCI, then the culprit lies on the drivers or this is really the maximum performance that this drive can offer when not empty (I doubt it).
  7. windows 7 x64 takes ~20gb by itself. depending on how much ram you have the pagefile and hybernation files at default settings can take a lot more. so i wouldn't be surprised if they had the ssd near capacity.

    i just notice it says the ssd is 50% full.

    but i agree if they have it set to IDE that could also explain some of it.
  8. Tried updating the firmware.Still the same.Maybe the SSD really is like that.I google up my ssd and alot of people complaining about the performance of this SSD.I'll try to wait for a new firmware update and if still doesn't improve then i just go for Crucial M4.Thanks
  9. do you have sata set to AHCI in the bios? if its set to IDE it can cause problems.
  10. It is.
    haqeem18 said:
    I set to AHCI before installing windows and i checked that TRIM is working.My computer is Acer M3910 with stock motherboard.Only has 6 SATA II ports.
  11. Points:
    1) my AS-SSD score is far LOWER than my ATTO score (i.e. maximum read speed)

    2) Your MOTHERBOARD MANUAL can tell you which connections are SATA2 (3gbps) or SATA 3 (6gpbs)

    *It sounds like your speeds are likely correct. Many people don't understand how ATTO and AS-SSD differ.
  12. UPDATE:
    If you're using ONLY a single 60GB for any version of Windows you're probably going to run out of space.

    There are Windows Update and System Restore Points, Downloads and new Program Files that begin eating up space.

    *You should not exceed 80% used space on any SSD (you can Google the reason if you wish).

    **freeing up space:
    1. disable Hibernation (Hibernation uses about the same space as your installed RAM, i.e. 4GB for many)
    2. Delete or Move any downloads
    3. Install Games to a Hard Drive (i.e. Windows/apps on the SSD/C-drive, and Games/Downloads etc on a 2TB hard drive. My STEAM game folder is on a separate hard drive, E-drive)
    4. delete all files in the TEMP folder (%temp% in RUN)
    5. run Cleanup

    Don't forget to make a periodic BACKUP IMAGE (Acronis true Image, Windows 7 Image etc) in case of drive corruption. Always assume your SSD could die at any point and plan accordingly.

    Just FYI.
  13. P.S.
    While using a good SATA1 SSD is a big boost over any hard drive, the experience in Windows between a SATA1 and SATA3 SSD isn't that noticeable.

    The amount of RAM is important, but once you get above 3GB it doesn't make much difference either for most.
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