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My Gateway MX8715 computer stops after POST.

The computer worked fine until I removed the not working DVD drive to get a part number to order a replacement. I left the bad DVD drive out of the computer. A day later I turned the computer on and it did not continue past the POST. Pressing F2 gets me into the BIOS config with no problem. I disabled Quiet Boot Mode and saw more POST information. No error messages appeared in the DMI. The hard drive appears in the BIOS information screen. I turned the computer off and installed the DVD drive. When restarted the DVD drive and hard drive appear in the BIOS screen. I changed the boot order. Same problem. I removed each memory 1 at a time DMI did show the decreases in memory. I removed, hard drive, and set the BIOS to boot first from USB storage stick. Same problem. I removed all boot devices. Same problem. During POST a line says "NO TPM or TPM has problem" . No missing drive or loader messages appear. The screen remains back lit but no display. The keyboard also locks up. I removed the CMOS battery. When replaced, I reset the time and date. Same problem.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. The TPM is a Trusted Platform Module - you can read about it here:

    You might find that you can fix things by disabling the TPM in the BIOS.

    If the TPM is socketed (I don't know if it is), you may have disturbed it when you removed the DVD drive.
  2. Thanks for your response. I disassembled the computer after reading your response. There is no detachable module or socketed

    chip (other than the CPU). There is nothing that could have come loose. I wonder if this problem is why there are motherboards

    (DAPA6AMB6D5 rev. D) available on ebay for parts only.
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