Voodoo2 sli help??

Hi , iv just finished building an old machine to run old glide games but im having trouble getting sli to work. Im running winxp pro sp2 and am using fast voodoo2 v4.0 gold edition xp drivers, i have both cards connected with correct cable but its telling me that sli is not present, i have the card daisy vga linked to a geforce 2 TI. Both cards are 12mb cards, one is a diamond monster 3d 2 and the other is a helix 3d 2, is the brand difference the problem?? both pcb's are identicle apart from colour (black & green), do i need another daisy vga cable to the other voodoo2 ?
please help.,.im havent a clue what else to try.

system spec:-
cpu :Pentium 3 933mhz (skt 370)
Mobo :Jetway 993AN/AS ,( supports slot 1 and skt 370)
RAM :768mb pc133 sdram
GPU :Prolink gf2 TI 64MB @agpx2
Other : 2 voodoo2's needing help to talk to each other.

I really want to play glide games at 1024x768.
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  1. Were you joking when you came up with the thread?
  2. ^ Which part did you think was a joke? 3dfx had Voodoo2 cards which could be used in SLI.

  3. Lmeow said:
    ^ Which part did you think was a joke? 3dfx had Voodoo2 cards which could be used in SLI.


    Yes, but how will the OP benefit from such a setup in these times?
  4. This is no joke, i think i have them working now as it default set unreal to 1024x768 res but the driver still says sli not present but the frame rate has doubled :)
    the system i have built is not for modern games but to run the classics of yester years.
    its a shame to leave the old voodoo cards locked away, they can be still used with say project64 with the glide plugin and epsxe glide plugin to play them old classic psx & n64 classics at perfect framerates if you have a decent old athlon or pentium 3.
    3DFX Still lives in the heart of gamers from the early days of gaming, do you remember the voodoo series cards?
  5. no seriously, the SLI option in the settings is for video, not the Voodoo add-ons, you should go and download the voodoo reference drivers and that program will let you see both cards functioning, the nvidia drivers are for the GF Ti card.....SLI is for video cards, not add-ons.

  6. Personally I keep a 5500 and a 3500TV in use while a v32k is sitting in a vintage gateway pc. I like the older hardware due to quality. My old P1 boxes still keep on running while P4 and Athlon rigs kick the bucket.
  7. well I still have a Pentium 233MMX socket 7, with 64Mb EDO Simms, 6.4Gb HDD (changed from a failing 5.1Gb HDD), a diamond V550 Riva TNT 16Mb, diamond monster 3D 12Mb add-on, lg cd writer, soundblaster 64, 3 1/2" floppy, Antec 380w PSU (changed 2 times in 14+ years) Windows 98SE. Still works good and plays old games well (Xcom, diablo, Quake GL, unreal, Need for speed 1 and 2 SE... to many other DOS games), still running well, online also. PS, I also own a Voodoo 3000 and it also still works, but I liked the V550 for other non GL games
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