Testing my power supply and my case

I just got the first two items for my new computer build, (Antec 902 and a Kingwin LZ 100KW). I wanted to try out to see if the LEDs were working on both of the components so I plugged the 24pin in a computer that I don't use anymore. I connected the 24pin to the mobo and the molex's to the Antecs 902 LED's. So is it normal that none of the LED's start up unless I boot the computer ?

**Also, after the computer wouldn't shut down no matter how long I held the power button :S, so I just pulled out the 24pin. Is that bad for the PSU or the LEDs ? (I really don't care about the computer.. It's like 8years old)...
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  1. ................................***. should've done more research before.
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