External HDD not recognised in M$ but working in Linux


I have a 640gb external HDD which I store movies, music and photos on. I have a Raspberry Pi with Raspbmc installed which I play my content through. I have plugged my HDD into the laptop today to try and copy some photos across, and windows is taking forever to recognise the partition, and then prompts me to reformat. When I have plugged the drive back into the Pi the data is still accessible. The HDD is formatted in NTFS so its not a linux partition which M$ cannot recognise. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do without copying the data to another drive and reformatting?


Mike :pt1cable:
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  1. Double check the format of the partition. It's unlikely that your Raspberry writes to a NTFS partition.
  2. Yeah, just checked it, its definately NTFS. Raspbmc runs live from a SD card, and the drive just hosts the content.
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