I7-860 Nvidia 460, 650Wpsu?

I buy an i7-860 with 4x4 Ghz , and Nvidia 460GTX and 6 Gb Ram ( 1600 or 2000 mhz ) , how strong should be my PSU? , are 650W enought? or would you say I need more , cus it's expensive and before sth. happens i need an PSU which surely handle it with energy.
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  1. With a single card a good quality 500w is enough.
  2. and the i7-860 with 4 ghz is enought too for 650W? the enxt PSU is 800 W and cost 120 euros mroe in that shop , thts why I'm asking
  3. Any quality 5xx watt psu will power any PC with a single video card.

    I don't recognize the psu you are talking about. We would normally recommend Seasonic, Corsair, many Antec units, XFX. But those may not be available to you.

    If you can't get one of those, you might google the brand name and model of one you are looking at, plus the word "review". See if someone who reviews PSUs said something good or bad about it.
  4. delluser1 said:
    With a single card a good quality 500w is enough.

  5. In the absence of any competent technical reviews (i.e. with load testing, waveform analysis, etc.) at the very least a quality PSU will have full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and be 80+ certified.
    As delluser said, with one card, a quality 500W PSU will be sufficient.
  6. I just posted a similar thread, but I guess I can get my answer here really quickly - you say with 1 graphics card 500W Corsair grade supply should be enough.

    If I am adding a Sapphire Toxic 5850 to my system specs in my signature, do you think my current brand new Corsair 650W should suffice?

  7. Never mind. I got my answer in the other thread. Apparently 650W corsair psu is good enough for two 5850 in crossfire.
  8. Yes, 650W is enough:


    469W from the wall, so less than 500W from the PSU even if your cpu were running Prime95 at the same time as Furmark.
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