MOBO build


BUDGET RANGE: $150ish max before rebates


PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg, but w/e works will do (live near micro center)


PARTS PREFERENCES: feeling unhappy about msi, but not unwilling


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe, but options are few and i hear bad things about the sound on the asus 980 nforce


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: suggested i look into a better mobo...having crashing problems, but your welcome to suggest i stick with this


CPU: Phenom II x4 965 c3
PSU: Corsair 750tx
RAM: Cosair xms3 cl7
GPU: GTX 470
MOBO: msi 870a-g54
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  1. ^ Have you tried updating the driver, BIOS - everything on the s/w side ??
    Seeing the user reviews, I dont see any glaring issues with that board...
  2. Try this, I have one of their M4A785-M Motherboards and love the quality of it and the extras. Also I believe this board will allow you alot of upgrading room.

    Edit: Wait what size of a case do you have?

    Edit 2: Nevermind I just looked up your old board.
  3. You current MSI Mobo looks plenty good to me. The 870 chipset is good enough for most (read all) practical purposes. Gkay's right. Look at the firmware side. Try flashing your BIOS, update the drivers and still if the stability issues persist, only then look for a new Mobo.

    Even then you wont need a $150 Mobo IMO. An ASRock 870 EXTREME3 should be more than good enough. (16/4 Xfire shouldn't matter anyways 'coz you have an NVidia card)

    If you really want a closer-to-$150 Mobo look at the 890GX/FX chipsets - ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3
  4. ^ Actually the ASRock 870 Extreme does x8x8 Xfire and not x16x4...But wouldnt matter as you have a Nvidia card...So again no point going with 890GX/ FX chipset mobos...
  5. Mobo should not be the problem, it is a good board. Have you Overclocked or anything to cause the stability issues?

    Have you played with RAM settings? These are usually the first cause of stability issues. If the settings are correct haveyou tried using one module at a time?
    If it really is a board problem then it is only a defected board and not an issue with the model in general so you would be able to RMA it.
  6. it freezes at seemingly random times, when nothing is really being used, often switching between broswer or steam to desktop...used to be triggerable by plugging in 4 or more usb or multi GPU as well. RMA'd and now it freezes randomly, but not triggerable, so some problems went away.

    problems occur at both stock and OC...ram is set to specified timings...cant't remember if I tried bios update, because it won't run my ram at the most recent bios revisions...will try just to make sure....i think it crashes even at stock at latest bios

    Currently running one stick at a time to see if it crashes, and it doesn't seem to be, with either stick, but im going to run it for a day or so for each to make sure.
  7. jrhii said:
    it freezes at seemingly random times, when nothing is really being used, often switching between broswer or steam to desktop...problems occur at both stock and OC...i think it crashes even at stock at latest bios
    If it's freezing @ stock, could be a virus / malware problem. Check out the Task Master to see if any weird programs/processes are running that shouldn't be. Also Check out the start-up items from msconfig to see if any weird / unknown / unwanted programs are starting up.

    Also set all BIOS settings to default & try to run the system that way for a couple of days. Doesn't sound like an hardware issue. If absolutely nothing else works, before RMA'ing re-format your hard disk & do a clean install. IMO that should take care of the problems if it indeed is a software issue, which I think it might be, especially if all settings are at default.
  8. way past formatting. one of the first things I did. (swapped hdds too)

    also, it would seem that only one stick of ram, regardles of the slot or stick, doesn't cause crashes, but i have to let it run like this for a few days to say that for certain.

    because of the reformatting, I would say signs point to hardware...maybe mobo firmware or ram compatability...

    the cl9 version of my ram passes ( and i assume that these are identical, other than one set has binned higher.


    i could always try seeing if these ripjaws (which passed) work, but I feel like that is more of a shot in the dark than the mobo.
  9. Are all BIOS settings set on default? It's just that this shouldn't be happening to the 2nd board!
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