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AHCI hot swap not showing on new board + Intel RST + Bios issue?

December 16, 2012 2:48:01 PM

Just built a new pc with 1155 socket, g1 sniper 3 gigabyte board and i5 3570k

now I have installed windws and there is some weirdness going on...

on my 1366 socket EX58-UD5 board my two drives (smasung ssd and a seperate hdd both showed in the little task bar widget for safley remove hardware. I thought this was a feature of AHCI, although I never did hot swap them.

Now on the new install nothing shows here except usb devices. The bios was auto set to AHCI when I installed, so that should not be an issue.

I then installed Intel RST direct form thier website and it says in theor that my system drive is NOT a system drive...

Also, if I try to set my SSD system disk to the primary boot in bios it just goes to a black screen and tells me to select a proper bootable device or insert media.... I have to select "windows boot manager" as1st boot priority or computer will not boot.


OK so after over an hour of digging I think it is all to do with UEFI. The bios of the g1 sniper 3 is a UEFI bios, and i think this made it load windows in UEFI mode by default, rather than legacy mode. This is the first I have ever heard of it and it said jack all about it in the mobo manual. To be honest i am still not really sure, but I think this is the case, This may explain why Intel RSt is showing the may C: partion as not the system drive, because the small 100mb EFI partion is actualy the boot disk... this is all a little beyond me... all I care about is that the damn thing works. I wish thatmanufacturers would make better manuals that actually told you what was going on...

The whole hot swap thing seems to be down to some boards supporting it and some not. there is no option i can find anywhere in the bios to enable it and intel RST does not show hot swap as it did on my old machine, i think this is to do with the 77 chipset