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Hardware Interrupts...

Alright guys and gals...It's been a while since I've been here. Hello to all of the old timers out there that remember a very different look in the forums and the "Other"!

I've run into an issue during an upgrade. Here's the system:
Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Asus A8R-MVP Rev 1.02G
Windows XP with SP3 and all high priority updates installed
2GB of G.Skill PC4000 (2x1GB)
Antec NeoHe 430W
Creative Audigy 2ZS
Samsung Spinpoint SP2004c
GPU: Sapphire X1800XT being upgraded to HiS HD 5770

Here's the basic timeline:
1. Prior to GPU upgrade all drivers for mobo and periphs were updated and flashed to most recent mobo BIOS.
2. Followed graphics card update procedure -> uninstalled old drivers, shut down PC, installed new card, booted machine, installed new drivers (ATI 10.3 came on install CD), rebooted.
3. After install was complete I noticed a performance degradation. Opened Task Manager and observed System Idle at 90-100%, but CPU usage averaging between 40-50%. Specifically, one of the two cores had nearly 100% usage and the other core had near 0% usage. No processes identified as eating the CPU cycles.
4. Googled the issue and found Process Explorer - great little program! Opened Process Explorer and discovered that Hardware interrupts were the cause of my high CPU usage.
5. Thought it might be drivers: uninstalled 10.3 drivers, rebooted, opened Process Explorer and found that hardware interrupts still present with no drivers installed. Installed ATI 10.7 drivers/Catalyst Control Center and then rebooted. Hardware interrupts still present with newest ATI drivers.
6. To verify that the source of the interrupts was the video card, I reinstalled the X1800XT. Hardware interrupts went away. Reinstalled HD 5770 - interrupts returned, therefore it is definitely the source.
7. Googled more and found that there was a possible cause from SATA trying to use PIO instead of DMA. Verified that DMA was selected for pri/sec SATA.
8. Banged head repeatedly on keyboard. :pfff:
9. Logged onto THGC to ask...Has anyone seen this? Have a solution? Is this a known issue with a fix coming? Driver or hardware?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D
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  1. Bump! Is Crashman still around?
  2. Crashman is still around, somewhere. Your name seems familiar for some reason although before my time methinks.

    As to your problem that is an odd one although that is an old machine, the pci-e slot should still be compatable though. I owned the same mobo in my last machine.

    Have you got that slot filler inserted into the secondary pci-e slot? Was never sure if that was needed or not.

    Also did you use something like driver sweeper to remove all traces of software.

    Finally have you tried the good old format and start again? I am sure there is a solution to this but damned if I can remember it.
  3. Thanks for the response and help! I haven't been a regular since around Jul 07...

    *geezer on* OLD machine?! I'll let you know that Betsy has served well and faithfully for over four years - including one in Saudi Arabia. If it weren't for Starcrack II forcing me to get an HD5770 to satisfy my desire to run it at Ultra settings she would have continued to hobble along just fine! ...young whippersnappers....*geezer off*

    The slot filler is inserted and this was on a fresh format. Betsy recently had her RAID 0 fail due to a crashed HDD. The install was on the remaining disk which I surface scanned with Samsungs software - zero errors and still runs nice and quiet. Don't mention the RAID failure to Betsy....don't want to upset the ole girl. Didn't use a driver sweeper. I can give that a try - program suggestions?
  4. Driver Sweeper, it is a freeware program.
  5. Best answer
    I havn't seen this problem in years. Annoyingly I can't remember exactly how to fix it. The problem is between the sound and graphics card. Try disabling the onboard sound in the bios to see if this has any effect.

    I used to solve it by disabling something in the device manager to do with the sound. I just can't remember what exactly.
  6. GPippas: thanks for the gouge - will give it a shot!
  7. Ok:
    Uninstalled ATI drivers and completed sweep with Driver Sweep. Shut down, installed HD 5770. Started PC, disabled onboard audio in BIOS....upon boot and prior to driver install the problem remained. Installed drivers (ATI 10.7) - problem remained. Uninstalled Audigy 2ZS, shut down, removed card, and rebooted - problem remains.

    I definitely appreciate the help - please keep it coming!
  8. Gpippas has a point, as of the 2xxx series the ati cards have an audio controller onboard which could be conflicting with the other audio devices.

    Perhaps disabling that in the device manager may help. I think it installs automatically with the drivers. It works fine on my own comp but it is worth investigating.
  9. Do either of you know whether this issue is related to Windows XP?

    I've been thinking complete upgrade anyway...the 5770 GPU would be CPU limited by my 3800+ and I already have an Asus P5N32E-SLI board just itching to be installed. Match it up with a Core 2 Duo E8400, Some Crucial Ballistix (2x2GB), a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB, and Windows 7. Not a top of the line system, but more than enough power for me and I don't have to buy a mobo. The real question for me is whether or not the build is likely to run into the same issues...
  10. I would doubt it as it is a rare enough one as it is.

    However, if you have reinstalled the drivers, disabled any devices that may be conflicting, reset the cmos and it is a fresh install I am not sure what else you can do.

    Nothing happens without a reason in a computer but then again an upgrade would be a good long term investment as I don't know how much longer the old athlon tech combined with 2GB of ram will suffice for gaming.
  11. False. I just build a new rig and I'm having this same exact problem.
    I've got two HD4650's in Crossfire... I can reinstall drivers and that fixes this problem for no more than 4 or 5 days.
    Then it magically appears again out of the blue. I've disabled all the ATi sound drivers and what not...

    I'm tired of this damn thing taxing on my 1055t! Six processors doesn't cut it when one is being used for interrupts!!!
  12. I've now tried disabling the ATi HDMI audio immidiately after reinstalling drivers.
    I doubt this will fix the problem, but I did notice that I have disabled audio from both cards, whereas before it would only let me disable one.
  13. It hasn't even been 24 hours, and this little devil is back again.
    I'll reinstall drivers again... That aught to get it off my back for 12 hours or so...
    This is truly rediculous, has anyone posted about this in an ATi forums?
  14. My Mobo is the M4A785TD-V EVO... I rarely gets BIOS updates and I don't think ASUS even cares anymore. No doubt, I definitely need it.
  15. Well, if I downgrade then my six-core processor will not be supported.
  16. UPDATE:
    A new Bios update was just released for my mobo. In the new bios menu, I disabled onboard HDMI audio...

    I'll post again if anything happens.
  17. haazenpfeffer said:
    A new Bios update was just released for my mobo. In the new bios menu, I disabled onboard HDMI audio...

    I'll post again if anything happens.

    After my own troubleshooting and help from you guys I contacted HiS tech support. I explained the T/S that I had already completed and they immediately referred me to ATI tech support. Contacted ATI and went thru the T/S I had done and my call was immediately referred up to a senior tech. Talked with the senior tech and he said the card was defective and recommended that I RMA the card.

    Instead of immediately doing that I waited for the other parts that I ordered for my system upgrade:
    AMD Phenom II X2 720
    OCZ ModXstream 500W PSU
    Scythe Mugen 2
    2x2GB Crucial DDR3 1333
    MSI 870-G45 mobo

    Installed parts with the HD5770 and started experiencing reboots almost immediately while installing Windows 7 OS. After that happened several times I took a look at the card...accidentally touched one of the heatsink pipes on the card and it was BLAZING hot. Figured it was overheating and causing reboots. I finally broke down and RMA'd the card. I have since gotten in the new card and it runs perfectly - and makes Starcraft II on ultra settings look absolutely SWEET!

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys.
  18. I definitely do not have the money to get a refund on either of my cards, but I really don't think that is my problem, though we were experiencing similar symptoms. I have not had the interrupts problem since my Bios update... Hopefully that fixed it once and for all.

    I'll post if something goes awry.
  19. It's back again.
    Still no fix I guess...

    I'll pray for more BIOS updates.

    I'm going to get a new video card in several months... So, hopefully it will go away then.

    Oh well.
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