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I have my system information listed below. Recently I have been running into problems with my PC. I installed the now current processor in my computer about a few weeks ago. The install went fine, I made sure the BIOS was updated to support the new processor and once I installed the cpu everything seemed to work fine. I started having issues with Borderlands, it would not start, the rest of my computer functioned fine. I went back and forth with video drivers, finally version 10.8 came out on 08/25, I installed it and Borderlands seemed to work fine. However occasionally after playing for a while my whole system would lock up (after an hour or 2, not a set period of time). The only way to do anything was just to press my reset button on my computer (ctrl alt del would not work or alt F4). The only other complete system freeze occurred after using my computer to surf the web for about a half hour, then I was viewing and deleting some of my pictures on my computer. Not too long after those issues, I started having issues with my computer booting up, this would happen intermittently were it would take a few minutes to boot up. After the BIOS screen it would take a while at each windows screen, then when it gets to the desktop it would still need time to finish booting up before I could start any problems or connect to the internet or anything. However today my computer is running just fine, but last night I have having the startup issues. So my question is what is likely to be the problem? I thought I may have screwed up with thermal paste, so I cleaned off the cpu and heatsink and reapplied thermal paste. That hasn't seemed to change anything, also was checking temps with speed fan, cpu usually stayed around 40 degrees, and when I had to restart the computer after it freezing, the bios screen also displayed the cpu at about that temp also.

So my thoughts are either the cpu, hard drive or I guess possibly the ram. However the booting up issues makes me think my HD is failing. However any suggestions would be helpful, because if it might be the cpu I want to send it back for an exchange.


AMD Phenom 9950 Quad Core (arctic cooler freezer 64 fan, cpu not overclocked)
Asus M2n-E motherboard
Radeon HD4850 video card (10.8 Drivers)
4gb ram
Main HD 750GB
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  2. In the meantime since I haven't seen any replied. I switched out my CPU to my previous one, the same slow startup was happening (approx. 15 minutes) and slow down for some time after that. Since the slowdown was the same I switched the CPU back to the quad core processor. No change in startup time.

    Suggestions on what else might be the problem?
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