Can't install windows on disk 0 partition

Ok I have an Eee Pc 1005hab netbook given to me. When booted it had the error message Grub error: no such partition. I searched the internet and managed to get into bios and somehow delete the partitions. Now my problem is I can't install windows onto any partitions I create. I've searched and searched for answers. there is not disc drive, only usb ports. I managed to create a windows 7 bootable USB which will not install. I also have winXP on another usb as well. Any suggestions as to what I should do?
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  1. Hello Redhair_Pirate;
    Did you remember to format the partition?
  2. Hi

    The Grub message is a clue that the disk had or has Linux on it
    Googling indicates this PC probably has a 160GB sata hard disk with XP

    Windows sometimes can not clear previous Linux partitions

    How did you clear partition using BIOS ? (not a common option)
    one possible option in BIOS to turn off is the write protection of first cylinder or sector of hard disk

    You need a tool capable of clearing partition cylinder or MBR before installing Windows.

    Most of the ones I know need a Cd/DVD drive (even a external usb version) .
    Examples DBAN or Seagate disk diagnostics (available as ISO CD images)

    Mike Barnes
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