Freeze at splash screen no post.

I just built a new pc, with the Gigabye Z68A-D3h-b3 MB and the I7-2600 Cpu. everything worked fine after doing fresh install for win 7 then after it was done updating all the new drivers, I was doing the windows rating program and I would get a BSOD everytime at tuning windows decoding part.. aitkmpag.sys and I got another bsod last nite just still at desktop same file again atikmpag.sys.. I have crossfire ATI 5770's now it freeze's at the Gigabyte Splash screen and wont post and I can't get into bios or anything other then turn the PSU off.. I took out the ATI 5770's and the computer would boot right into windows and no freeze at splash screen.. does that mean the two video cards are no good anymore cards are about 1 year old now.. specs are

Gigabye Z68A-D3H-B3
8GB ddr3 1333 ram
60gb OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
2 TB WD Cavier HD
Crossfire XFX 5770's
Corsair TX 750 PSU
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  1. theres seems to be a conflict with the video card driver. try reinstalling the drivers
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