Can i use my old GPU on my new gaming rig?

i just ordered all my parts and i was short on money till my next paycheck so i was wondering could i use my 8800gt till next week and order my gtx 460
im gonna run window 7 64bit would that b a problem, and all im gonna play for now is sc2
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  1. I your system will support a GTX 460, it will support a 8800 GT. When you do get your new card, just remember to uninstall the 8800 before you install your GTX 460 (this should help with any potential problems that could occur).
  2. Or run your 8800 for physx when you get your 460
  3. what do u mean run my 8800 with physx till my 460?
  4. like the guy said below me
  5. The 8800GT will work just fine. When you get a 460, use the 8800GT as a dedicated physx card
  6. Outside Ultra/AA 8800GT is still ok for SC2 : but for instant gains in games in general a superior GPU will always >>> higher end platform unless u possibly on a dated X2 (E2xxx/A64 X2 4000+) and definitely single core o cos ^^
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