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So i plan on getting a 1tb hard drive (caviar black) and a 128gb samsung 840 pro. Currently i have a caviar blue 500gb. My plan is to move the majority of my games over to the caviar black (once it arrives and i install it) , leaving the blue drive with only documents and windows. The thing i plan on doing next is taking windows off the blue hdd and moving it to the ssd. Does anyone know if this would work and how i could go about doing such a thing?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. i don't see why not. if your games are in steam you can move them. if you can get the data on your 500GB under 128GB you can use a program to clone the hdd to the ssd. a lot of the ssd's that are "upgrade bundles" come with some sort of cloning software. i would recommend to do a fresh install on the ssd if possible.

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