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I am thinking of buying a laptop for college with the following specs

3rd Gen i7 quad-core @ 3.2GHz w/ turbo boost
Radeon HD 7670M

The desktop system i'm using right now is pretty outdated, with a 1.6Ghz Pentium dual-core (oc'd to 2.6), 3GB DDR2, a GeForce 9500GT, and a 7200RPM hard drive. I'm wanting this laptop both to be a desktop replacement and an on-the-go laptop i can use in class. My only concern is, i've never worked with a sub-7200rpm drive before, and i'm concerned about how it would affect the massive performance boost i'm expecting. I don't have the money for an SSD of the size i need right now, so any general thoughts you all could offer me would be greatly appreciated.
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    Don't be concerned about the laptop having a 5400rpm hard drive. That's only one statistic which determines overall performance, and a fairly insignificant statistic at that.

    The quad-core 3.2GHz CPU & 16GB RAM will more than compensate compared to the specs of your old desktop.
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