Added new 2TB drive used it 1 day, now not seen in BIOS

OK I just got a western digital 2TB green caviar as an early christmas present(and a solution to my current harddrive problems after two were converted to RAW format)

I installed the 2TB and all was good.I installed a 1.5TB western digital green caviar(i thought had been corrupted and was trying to salvage what i could) and again all was good(my TB+ of mp3s and movies all showed up to my surprise!)

I then moved ALL info from 1.5 to the 2TB drive then i formatted the 1.5TB.....then i moved more files to the 1.5 to free up my 1TB and i formatted it after all that.

Then i removed the cables from the 2TB temporarily because i didnt have enough sata power plugs and i wanted to try to retrieve my 500GB drive which ended up being a lost cause.

I plugged the 2TB back in and bought a molex to dual sata so i could plug in up to 6 sata drives. The current configuration i was/am trying now includes a 1TB samsumg drive as Cdrive and a second 1TB samsung drive(empty at moment) and a 1.5TB WD green caviar(300 GBs of files on it) and the new 2TB WD green caviar(200+ free GBs out of 1.81TBs)

Problem is now the 1.5 and the 2TBs dont show up in BIOS or disk manager only the 2 1TBs show up, I have tried changing the sata cables around and the sata powers also but nothing is working.

my setup is
Asus M4A785-m
AMD Phenom 2 X2 550
1TB samsung HDrive as Cdrive (not sure if it is SATA 1 or 2)
1TB samsung HDrive (not sure if its SATA 1 or 2)
1.5TB WD green Caviar(SATA 2)
2TB WD green caviar(SATA 3)
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  1. What PSU are ypu using? how old is it?
  2. Thermaltake TR2-430 Watt dont know how old it is......
  3. Do the drives still spin up?
  4. i think so, its hard to tell if its vibrating or the computer itself.
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