A look at the GTX 460 roundup - and helping me pick one for my new rig

So in the interest of simplicity let's keep this about the GTX 460... and set aside competing cards for another thread please.

I'm most likely going to get one - for now - and eventually (maybe in a year) add another for the great gains in SLI this card is popular for.,2714.html

This is the roundup T.H. did the other day looking at 9 different GTX 460 cards.

Currently I'm looking at the MSI cyclone 1gb

Power supply is another part I've been having trouble chooing and this one has a great pairing with the Seasonic X750, an excellent PSU

I'm not set on the Cyclone though, I need to take it into account compared to the other 460s - as I said I'm new to overclocking and learning but wanted to get some input from the crowd.
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  1. Another really good 460 is the MSI HAWK GTX 460 that came out recently. That was the one making waves for the screenshot showing 1 ghz+ overlock due to unlocked voltage controls. A positive review is here:

    In the review, they're using a v2.0 beta of Afterburner (which is available), just to keep in mind.
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    It really doesn't matter which one you buy, as long as it's from a respectable company and you're getting a good price.

    This basically eliminates all the factory OC ones, as they're just a waste of money. You can OC higher than the factory OC, so why pay someone else money to press a few buttons for you?

    I'd avoid MSI though. Their support is nonexistent. If you card doesn't work, you've got a better chance of a brand new one showing up at your door due to a newegg shipping error than getting a replacement from MSI.
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