Two drives in a row?

Okay, let me try to make this as short as possible. I built a new rig, trying to use an OCZ SSD as the boot drive. That drive never worked quite right, and eventually got RMA'd. Now that I have a new SSD, I'm trying again. When I got the new SSD up and running with Win7 64-bit, I shut down, plugged in my old HD, and nothing. BIOS doesn't recognize the old HD, regardless of which SATA port it is plugged into. My laptop doesn't recognize it either, when I use my USB bridge.

Is this just a coincidence, or could my SSD problems just have been an indicator of something with my MoBo or something like that? For the record, the old HD was working fine before, and I even had all the Win7 libraries linked to it before the SSD crashed.

Any ideas?

Asus P8Z77V
Intel i5-3570
OCZ Agility 3
An old WD HD
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  1. How did you set the SSD in the Bios? AHCI, IDLE, Raid?

    It should be AHCI.
  2. It was and is set to AHCI...I'm not sure that would render an HD invisible to BIOS though.
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