Question about connecting PSU to Motherboard

I have
ASUS Motherboard ( P7P55D-E LX ):
Antec 430w Basiq

This is only my second build. The mother board has a 8 pin EATX12V connection and the PSU has a 2 4 pin connectors. It looks like only one will fit (the other's pins do not match) So I just use the one 4 pin connector?

(The motherboard didn't come in yet soI can't test if I'm right)

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  1. Your motherboard will come with a 4 pin cover. Remove it and use all 8 pins of the CPU power connector.

    The 4+4 connector will fit. Make sure that all the yellow wires face the closest edge.
  2. The shape of the 1 4 pin of the PSU seems to have a different shape(all 4 pins are square where as the slot in motherboard only has 2 of the 4 being square). And whats the point of the 8 pins... Is that for the 2 rails?
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