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I am building a HTPC with Core I3 530 processor and I also have a spare graphic card from couple years back, it is a GeForce 8600 GT with 512 MB of GDDR2 memory.

What I like to know is, should I even bother adding the GeForce 8600 GT to my build? Is it better to have a discrete 8600 GT card or is it better to use the Core i3 iGPU? Thanks.
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  1. A 8600GT will be much better than integrated graphics.
  2. ^ Yes, much better. Intel's Core i3 GMA has shown a lot of improvement over the X4500MHD, but the graphics still suck.
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    The 8600 GT is many times faster than the Core i3 GMA going with intel's igp for an HTPC will not be good enough...better to go for the 8600 GT it is more capable to do things than any igp..
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