New PC keeps randomly freezing up.

It happens a lot while sifting through web pages but seems to be able to happen with any program. I'll try to open something (or click a link) and the application will go to not responding mode and my PC isn't able to do anything for like 20 seconds, at which point everything goes back to normal.

What part is likely defective if this is happening?
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  1. Could be faulty memory, run memtest and see if any errors are thrown.
  2. Try UNDERCLOCKING the RAM from 2000 MHz to around 1600 MHZ (next lower RAM ratio) and see whether the problem goes away.

    For reference, my Corsair Dominator RAM is underclocked from 1600 to 1452 (lower ratio). i7-920 CPU is overclocked from 2.66 GHz to 3.82 GHz
  3. What program should I use to test my RAM?

    Also, I don't know how to underclock RAM. My RAM is 1333 MHz stock.
  4. memtest86 to test the RAM.

    To underclock the RAM, get into the BIOS and set the RAM ratio to the next LOWER number (from 10 to 8 - or something like that)
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