CPU causing reset?

I posted in the forums a while ago because of an ongoing problem. Originally my pc kept restarting and I had no idea why. It finally died and I did an RMA of my mobo and PSU. It worked again but it kept restarting every five mins or so even with a reinstall.

After a week or so of troubleshooting, and no one giving me the right answer I decided to just underclock my CPU voltage from 1.4 to 1.35. It worked! Somehow, even though no forum had suggested it. I thought it was my psu.

Recently, my pc shut down after gaming for about 4 hours. Now it won't boot past the windows loading screen without either 1) screen goes blank yet pc still runs or 2) shuts down completely.

Would this be my cpu? I checked my pc health in bios and the temp is around 34c. Fan is at 1700rpm. Pc will even shut down in bios mode. Not a virus? PSU and mobo are new-ish.

Should I spring for a new amd? I have a 6400+ X2
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  1. No. Cpus rarely go bad unless the heatsink breaks off or the fan fails. I would focus on the power supply first, then the motherboard. List your brand and specs of the board and ps.
  2. My pc is custom. The setup includes,

    ma78gm Gigabyte (Bios version F11)
    8800gt 512mb
    2x2gb gskill ddr2 800
    OCZ 600sxs pwr supply
    AMD 6400+ X2
    Razer AC1 Sound Card
    1 RaptorX 150gb with windows 7 partitioned on C. Other is D.
    3WD 200gb hard drives
  3. After reading your post again, I would reset the board bios. You can remove the board battery by applying light pressure to the clip until the battery pops out, then reinstall one minute later. Or with the power supply unplugged, move the cmos jumper over one position keeping two of the three pins covered, and move back to the original position after one minute. Next item is testing the ram. Use memtest, a free download. One of your ram sticks may be bad. If you get any errors, I would request an rma from the gskill website. Test each stick one at a time.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I did remove the battery. Booted up and it noticed the cmos was cleared. Right after the screen went black and components were still a runnin.

    I have ran a memtest before for about 17 hours. I couldn't see how the memory would be causing this. Before it was infrequent but now I can't get past the windows splash screen.

    Another note. If I try to start it and when it fails, I usually have to shut down and wait 5 mins before a retry. It wont boot if I try right after. everything will turn on but no post or video.
  5. Since you have already replaced the board and power supply, I would remove the video card and try another one or use the onboard video and see if this helps. Also be sure you are using the right connector from the power supply for your video card, if required.
  6. just tried that. I got to the bios and it just went black. I have to wait another 5 mins before I can try again. Wouldn't this be a problem of overheating? I just can't figure this out. So strange.

    I have been using the correct pwr cord as well.
  7. I unhooked everything. Even the mobo from the case thinking it was a grounding issue. I had 1 stick ram and that was it. No HD, video, or anything. Hooked DVI up to onboard and it got to bios and turned off. So I can rule everything else. Its the mobo, cpu, or psu. Mobo and PSU are new and this problem has happened even before them.

    Its gotta be the cpu!?
  8. Maybe it is. Is it retail boxed? I would try an rma if you have the receipt.
  9. It is from newegg, retail boxed version. I might buy one soon when I get my paycheck.
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