Several full-computer build questions / eval please

Hi all,

Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

I wanted some opinions on my build:

I have a few specific questions

1) Is sata 3 worth it? I'm hearing from some people it is, and some people it isn't. A sub question: Is it worth it for both SSDs AND storage drives?

2) For a storage drive, how important is 32 vs 64 megs of cache? Also how do the W.Digi green drive's spinning down / power saving effect performance?

3) I chose DDR3 1600, there are ripjaws with better timings / cas latency ($40 price increase) -- will I notice this difference? I'm thinking no...

4) Has anyone built with that case? If so did you like it? My biggest concern is quiet in the room.

5) Is my power supply strong enough? Or do I need the 1kw?

6) What CPU cooler is a good one? I will try to overclock down the line...but quiet is essential still.

7) Does filling out all 6 ram slots improve performance? Ram capacity asside

I really appreciate the help. Very sorry if I posted in the wrong place.
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  1. Your wish list looks fine to me. Try the stock Intel heatsink with smartfan enabled. It may be quiet enough for you. Temps may range from 40-80c so don't be alarmed. The i7 will run fine in that temp range. For a better heatsink, get a scythe or thermaltake 120mm with 4 pin fan. That's all you'll need.
  2. bump please...lots of unanswered questions here :-x
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