New build will post but won't boot

I've just completed a new build:
AMD Athlon II Regor 250 3.0MHz
ASUS M4A88t-M Micro ATX mobo
2 x 2GB Gskill DDR3 (on QVL)
Antec Green 380 watt
using onboard video for now

So everything seems fine, will POST, I can access BIOS, everything seems recognized, changed boot sequence to CDROM, then--- it just sits there. I get the message to insert boot media in selected device and the CDROM drive just clicks a little and nothing happens. I press a key of course. Same message comes up. Tried with both an OEM copy of WinXP that I have used before and Linux Mint 9 live cd. So I tried a USB thumb drive with Mint on it. Same thing, it just tells me to insert media in selected device and press any key. I have no idea. This isn't my first build and I've never had a problem before. My power cables are connected, etc. And I know the PSU is fine even though it's only a 380, because a) it's brand new, and b) I don't have that many devices connected to it. This is meant to be a low-power system. Any ideas?
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  1. Is optical drive SATA or IDE. If IDE is controller set to IDE mode? Often defaulted to off these days.

    For USB drive, it's a bootable drive right?
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