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I bought a pioneer blu ray writer drive for my first build. It came with cyberlink software. I bought a blu ray to test it out. When I play it, it goes to the movie menu screen, but the menu is cut off, i cannot see the menu or options. now, i assumed the movie would have play pre selected so pressing enter on my keyboard works, but this is very annoying. I have only tried it with one movie, last of the mohicans. Any suggestions, I downloaded a trial version of total media theatre 5 and that works but the trial expired and now they want 99$. This player cost 99$. :( plz help
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  1. you could try VLC
  2. in the top right corner, click the button to put the player into windowed mode then click the button for maximize, the close the player and reopen it and see if it "remembers" the correct size.
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