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Im considering getting an ultrabook (macbook air/sony VAIO possibly or the sort), is there any problems or risks with having system that is only solid state drive? i know there is a finite number of times you can write data to blocks, and OS X can't utilise TRIM so what is the life expectancy like? :bounce: thanks in advance!
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  1. The number of read/write cycles for each block is in the thousands, and in normal usage you shouldn't hit that value after years of usage. Unless you're planning to reformat the drive every day and re-install everything on a daily basis, you're unlikely to invoke such heavy disk usage that you'd have to worry about the drive failing.

    Get the ultrabook and enjoy the ultra-fast speed of the SSD!
  2. A modern ssd won't be a problem, the drive will obsolete way before you get there. Only downside to the SSD is price/capacity.

    As for MAC, no idea, but I'd guees the same but without TRIM you'd need to make sure you leave a addition extra space for gabage collection.
  3. OSX does have trim support. I wouldn't use anything but SSD.
  4. AH wow thanks guys didnt expect to come back after 10mins to 4 responses!!! im just trying to decide on an ultrabook now, 13inches 8+hours battery life decent screen res and good audio are the main prereqs but now you let me know SSD is safe option leaves alot of room for me to choose seen as tho most use SSD for this category rather than HDD+SSD cache. thanks guys!!
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