Nvidia 9600gt heat issue

My nvidia GeForce 9600gt 512mb is a little over a year old. Earlier it started to make kind of buzzing sound from the fan, which usually meant that the bearings in the fan weren't oiled enough. I took the card apart, put a tiny drop of silicone oil into the bearings and I put everything back together. The fan noise was fixed, no more buzzing. But another problem came up. My idle heat is 50c and when gaming, crysis, just cause 2, etc.. the temp got up to 95c before i decided to turn it off. Before the fix, the highest temp was about 80c when under load. My fan is running at the same, if not higher rpms, after the fix. Why are the temps way higher than before? The only solution that could come in use is new thermal paste? Any other suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thank you.
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  1. re-seat the heatsink with new thermal paste
  2. And make sure your card is free from dust...
  3. Clean the card from dust and re apply the thermal paste!
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