Case mod Lenovo K320 Ice Series Lets Make Ice!!!!

Hello all, This mod came from a concept that I submitted For the lenovo Mod Contest.

My design was selected as one of the finalist and Lenovo sent me Thier Ideacentre K320 PC to mod to my heart desires. The winner of the contest gets to showcase thier mod at the 2011 CES at Las Vegas.

I had a few ideas in my head, and I sent them a rough design of a PC encased in ice for my initial entry in the contest.

K320 Specs

Blu-ray Disc combo

The main transformation of this Mod is to replicate the Lenovo K320 chassis into a Liquid acyclic shell to give it the appearance that the K320 was encased in ice.

Custom mold made from the original chassis to create the Acyclic Ice replica

Feature as many of the original details from the original chassis, keeping the screw less system as well as the easing to use hard drive enclosures.

Adding special lighting through out the system to show the performance modes of the fans all throughout the case. Red, Blue, Green

Adding custom water cooling and reservoir to keep all the components running at optimal overclock while keeping the system cool.

ATI Eyefinity System with 3 28 " Monitors.

Part List

Molding & Building materials
1 x Silmar 41 Clear Polyester Casting Resin (5 Gallons)
5 x 75-80 RTV Liquid Urethane Mold Rubber 3lb Kit
2 x 3M Double Strap Dust Mask
2 x Poly-Ease 2300 Mold Release 12oz
1 x Disposable Latex Exam Gloves – Large
1 x Disposable Tyvek Coverall – Extra Large


1x XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoirs w/ Blue LED Light - Clear / Silver / Black
1 x MC-TDX Block for LGA 1156 i3, i5, i7
1 x LED Lightstrip with Controller and Remote
3 x LED Lightstrip - 12 inches (30cm)
2 x DD Fillport Options:Fillport Color: Bright Blue Anodized
1 x Custom Laing D5 -Bitspower Black Sparkle
1 x Mod/Smart Professional System Sleeving Kit - White
2 x Feser One Non Conductive Cooling Fluid - 1000 ml - UV Clear / Blue
1 x Black Ice GT Stealth 360 Radiator - Blue
6 x Feser Tube Active UV Hose - 1/2" ID (3/4"OD) Tubing - Clear / UV Blue
1 x EK Radeon HD 5970 VGA Liquid Cooling Block - Nickel (EK-FC5970-Nickel)
1 x EK Radeon HD 5970 VGA Liquid Cooling RAM Backplate - Nickel -

A Picture of The liquid resin that i will be using

A few design pics

With the side panel off

And the other side
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  1. Started working hard this weekend on the project after a few setbacks.
    First thing was disassembly of the pc and make a few adjustments.

    1st adjustmnet i wanted to move the power supply & hard drive cage to the bottom of the case to free up the Top for a 240mm radiator.

    Time to start removing some rivots.

    Need to make a few cuts To make room for a 120mm Fan on The bottom & Replace the bottom base with arcylic

    Also Made room toward the top for the dual bay reservoir

    Stayed tuned for more modding !!!
  2. Well I made some good progress over the past week and through the weekend and the frame should be completed this coming week,

    Cut out the power supply support out, so it can be moved to the bottom of the case and re rivoted to the frame.

    I am also moving the Blue-ray and all in one reader to the bottom of the case. teh reason i chose it on teh botton instead of standing up or reaching to reach all of the i/o ports and rom. So i started cutting out the levono tool-less supports

    Made a little room for the hard drives and Cd rom supports on the base

    Need to make a few more cuts to the front panel, cd and hard drive fram supports

    re attaching the Cd-rom and hard drive brackets back together

    A little test fit

    More to come.

    Please go check out all of the neat mods at
  3. Made alot of good progress over the last two days completeing the frame and prepared to add teh Primer.

    I wanted the frame to look as thin as possible so its no impeading the view when looking through the resin, I was pretty please ho wthe skelton looks.

    The hard drive bay and Rom bay was really hard to compact and rebuild. but I kept the screwless features intact.

    A few test fits

    a nice clean look

    A few More items came in today
    The Ek 5970 Waterblock and back plate

    and some awesome BILLET MACHINED ALUMINUM "Diamond Knurl" CASE FEET

    Thanks for looking !!!!

    Also dont forget to go cast a vote at
    I can use all i can get. no registration , click teh mod and vote!!!!
  4. A nice way to start the 4 day weekend!!!!

    Frame is primed and ready for to be painted metallic

    Ok now to the tricky sticky stuff

    Making a mold of the new front panel to pour the Clear Resin into !!!

    in goes teh molding materal

    Letting all the bubbles rise
    took of the bottom to release the front panel

    The completed Front panel Mold

    A nice icying effect for the resin

    Last but leaset did a little ecting

    A little lighting effect for the side panel

    Thanks for looking !!!!

    Do you want to see this case at CES go cast a vote for it at
    click explore and vote!!!! no registration
  5. Aluminum Foil + Resin = ICE ICE Baby

    Front Panel

    Top, Back , Tray

    A few Sneak peeks

    Thanks for Looking !!!

    Dont forget to Head over to The Lenovo Mod Contest And cast a Vote

    Just click Vote for this mod, No registration
  6. Work on teh front panel today shoudl have pics soon !!!
  7. More pics !!!!!!

    Added The Case feet from They look so good

    Prepared base for the fan hole for the power supply

    Test fit the powersupply

    Cut the Tray to size

    Routed out the front panel using a table router for the dvd , reservoir and lenovo lighting switch

    test fitted the reservoir

    Almost look like a pc cut & added theMB tray !!

    Attached the top and front panel, with black screws

    Still Undecided to go with black or silver Screws ?? Post a your opinion

    Dont forget to go cast a vote to see this case at CES !!!
  8. Thanks for all your Input !!! and The great compliments

    Went with Silver /stanless steel lol screws!!!

    They go with the case very well

    Currently Got The sides panels mounted

    Inside look of the lenovo K320 Ice mod

    Started Finishing The Front and back panels Almost ready to assembly

    Up next The fan cut outs!!

    Dont forget to check out Lenovo New website

    And cast a vote to see this MOD and 2011 CES!!!

    Just click on Vote for this Mod !!!
  9. Small Update, The final few cuts Fan holes

    MNPCTECH offers some great templates for rads and grills!!!

    I use one of my favorite tools Teh Hole Cutter :)

    Side panel Fan

    Finalizing The Back panel !!!

    Cleaning and test fitting up next !!!

    Dont forget to check out Lenovo New website

    And cast a vote to see this MOD and 2011 CES!!!
    Just click on Vote for this Mod !!!
  10. Small Update

    Cleaned all the panels

    Added The MB tray

    Added the 5970 Ek waterblock

    added the rad and fans

    Please help me out by Casting a vote for teh lenovo building contest at I am only 300 votes behind
    Just click on Vote for this Mod !!!

    Thank you
  11. Teaser Pics part one

    Blue !!!

    How about red

    And last green

    Please help by Casting a vote for the Lenovo building contest at
    I am only 300 votes behind lol
    Just click on Vote for this Mod !!!

    Thank you
  12. Teaser Pics part 2

    How about Blue and red

    Cold as ICE

    Enjoy The show

    Please help by Casting a vote for the Lenovo building contest at
    I am only 300 votes behind lol
    Just click on Vote for this Mod !!!

    Thank you
  13. that is one of the best case mods i have EVER seen. Bloody well done sir, i Slaute you indeed.

    I wouldnt want to live with it tho, could be rather off putting for late night gaming.

    Kudos tho... Lots of kudos

    + i voted
  14. Thank you !!!
  15. The last nite of voting

    thanks for all of the support

    just click Vote for this mod really easy !!!
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